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Cajun Appetizers


Shrimp fried, spiced with Cajun
seasonings and served golden
brown with our own Bayou
Seasoned catfish bites deep
fried in corn breading. Served
with honey mustard sauce.


Using a time-honored Cajun technique, boneless
chicken tenders are marinated, spiced, seared on
a cast-iron skillet and served with a Cajun
marmalade sauce.


Shrimp steeped in a hearty New Orleans style
sauce and accented with Negra Modelo beer.
Reduced to a spicy, rich, brown sauce, it is then
placed atop grilled French bread with an extra
piece to dunk with.


Crawfish tails saut�ed with fresh vegetables,
herbs, and seasoning combined to form a rich
brown gravy over white rice.

Louisiana Gumbo:

By The Cup


  By The Bowl


 Mexican Appetizers


Our own guacamole made from
scratch with whole avocados,
tomato, onion, cilantro, and
seasoned as in Old Mexico.


Flaky pastries filled with a
chicken-cilantro mix. Made
in-house and served with a
Chimi Verde sauce.


Authentic Mexican Chorizo,
tomatoes, onions, and
mushrooms baked with
bubbling Poblano Jack cheese.
Served with fresh, warm flour


Homemade Cajun sausage baked with green
chilis, tomatoes, and Monterey Jack cheese.
Served with fresh, warm flour tortillas.


Dip our crisp, fresh-made corn tortilla chips in
this hot, spicy cheese dip and you're hooked.


Chicken tenderloins lightly fried and dipped in
our secret Tejas Sauce accompanied by bleu
cheese dressing & celery sticks.


A hot and spicy bowl of Texas chili topped with
cheese and sour cream. Chopped onions available
on request.



A blended combination of
tequila, triple sec and lime

Strawberry or Melon


"New Orleans Style" with Cointreau



Made with Sauza Gold tequila.


Three steps above Gold. The world's finest tequila.


The Original Texas Margarita. Made with
Cointreau and tequila.


Made with Cuervo Gold Tequila.


Made with Cuervo Gold and
Gran Marnier.


Made with Jose Cuervo
Tradicional 100% blue agave
tequila and Cointreau.


Sauza Hornitos and Gran Marnier.


Patron Silver and Cointreau.


Hand poured with Bacardi Silver, Bacardi Dark
Rum, Bacardi 151, and fresh juices.

Made in house with fresh squeezed OJ and Gran
Marnier. Frozen or on the rocks.

Bottled Beer



Corona Light


Negra Modelo


Dos XX Amber

Dos XX Lager

Modelo Especial

St Paulie Girl N/A

(Additional Selections Vary by Location)







Pinot Grigio:






Cabernet Sauvignon:


Washington State.  




Non Alcoholic


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange, Ginger Ale,
Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Coffee, Decaf. Free refills.

Fresh Lemonade



Fresh squeezed.


Aqua Panna brand.


In DE and NJ, we offer IBC brand. In MA, we offer Border Cafe Root Beer.


All Burgers are Made with Angus Beef


Made from fresh ground chuck. Served with
a slice of red onion and a heaping portion of crisp



Crisp Bacon





Our mesquite broiled hamburger rubbed in
Cajun spices and covered with Poblano Jack
cheese. Served with fries.


Our mesquite broiled hamburger topped with
guacamole. Served with pico de gallo and fries.

Cajun Favorites


Saut�ed chicken and spicy chorizo in a classic
Cajun ettouffee sauce with sweet onions, red
peppers, ripe tomatoes, and fresh mushrooms.
Served over white rice.


Cajun spiced salmon fillet, blackened on a cast
iron skillet. Served with our own seasoned corn
and black beans and Jose's rice.
Perfection on a plate.


A fresh 10 oz. swordfish steak dipped in lip
searing Cajun spices and cooked on a blackening
skillet. Served with our own seasoned corn and
black beans, Jose's rice and mango salsa.


Jim Bowie loved exquisite food
and fine wine. Jose proudly
presents Jim's personal New
Orleans favorite. Seared
medallions of beef tenderloin,
cooked medium, covered with a
secret cream sauce with shrimp
and fresh herbs.


Crawfish tails saut�ed with
fresh vegetables, herbs, and
seasoning simmered in a rich
brown sauce over white rice.


A saut�ed breast of fresh chicken embraced by a
tangy lemon pepper sauce.


A bubbling-hot blend of cheeses, lump crabmeat
and Cajun spices, served over a delicately fried
eggplant. This is a Creole family tradition as
served on Royale Street in New Orleans'
French Quarter.


A large fresh fillet of catfish, royally seasoned,
deep fried with a shrimp and basil cream sauce.


Our tender marinated breast of chicken,
blackened on the outside, spicy and juicy on the
inside and served with a Cajun marmalade sauce.


A fresh catfish fillet dipped in blackening
seasoning and seared on a cast-iron skillet.


Fresh flour tortillas stuffed with saut�ed shrimp,
crawfish and melted Poblano Jack cheese.
Covered with a Cajun spiced three cheese and lump
crabmeat sauce.



First we marinate the beef
or chicken in a secret blend
of spices, then we grill it over
mesquite wood and serve it
sizzling hot.

Blackened Chicken


For Two



Our fresh blackened catfish
served line dancing under a
fresh mango salsa.


A medley of vegetables
tossed with seasonings,
saut�ed and served fajita
style with black beans and
white rice.


Boneless breast of blackened
chicken and your choice of
tender marinated beef or
chicken fajitas grilled over
mesquite logs.


Succulent Louisiana Gulf
shrimp and your choice of
marinated beef or chicken
fajitas slowly grilled over
mesquite logs to celebrate the
big boss' favorite taste

Kids Meals


All Kids Meals Include:

- French Fries

- Soft Drink, Milk, or Apple Juice

- M&M's or Starburst

Entree Options:

- Chicken Taco

- Chicken Fajita

- Cheese Quesadilla

- Chicken Quesadilla

- Chicken Fingers

- Hamburger

(Kids Meals Not Availabe at Cambridge, MA Location)

Mesquite Grilled


A fresh 10 oz. swordfish
steak grilled over
a mesquite fire, glazed with
Jalape�o butter. Served
with our own seasoned corn
and black beans, Jose's rice
and mango salsa.


A mesquite grilled chicken
breast seared with a kicked
-up Chipotle lime glaze.
Served with grilled avocado, mango salsa and crispy shoestring fries.

Mexican Specialties


Tender, marinated chicken breast, grilled over
a mesquite wood fire with blackened vine-ripe
tomato, and a Chimi Verde sauce with fresh
herbs. Served with crispy shoestring fries.


An authentic Argentinean style flank steak
grilled over mesquite wood, cooked medium,
sliced and served with a choice of our fresh herb
chimi verde sauce or a robust chimichurra sauce.


A boneless marinated chicken breast filled with
authentic chorizo, red peppers and spinach,
roasted with Poblano Jack cheese.


Mesquite grilled, 10 ounce salmon fillet, mixed
field greens, seasoned corn & black beans and
Chimi Verde sauce with fresh herbs.


Four flaky handmade pastries stuffed with
seasoned corn, black beans, peppers, fresh
cilantro, and Monterey Jack cheese. Served with
roasted red pepper sauce.


You choose from our seasoned
pulled beef or tender marinated
chicken and we'll stuff it into a
large, fresh flour tortilla, add
plenty of cheese and bake it in
homemade enchilada sauce.


Two fresh flour tortillas stuffed
with your choice of pulled beef
or marinated chicken and pico
de gallo.
We delicately fry fresh catfish
then stuff it into two flour
tortillas along with Monterey
Jack cheese, pico de gallo and
red pepper sauce.


Stuffed corn tortillas baked in cheese &
homemade enchilada sauce. Stuffed with cheese
and diced green chilis.

With Pulled Beef


With Marinated Chicken


A large Mexican poblano pepper stuffed with
cheeses and fried in a delicate batter. A spicy
ranchero sauce makes this dish truly authentic.


Combine any of our pulled beef, marinated
chicken or cheese enchiladas with a pulled beef or
marinated chicken taco.


Fresh swordfish blackened on a cast iron skillet, served in fresh flour tortillas with chipotle cole slaw, pico de gallo and mango salsa. Accompanied with fresh field greens and a mesquite grilled avocado.



Melted Monterey Jack cheese
and salsa, stuffed in homemade
flour tortillas.

With Pulled Beef


With Marinated Chicken



Fresh vegetable medley in a steaming cheese quesadilla.


A delicious blend of two worlds! A fresh flour
tortilla is stuffed with shrimp, crawfish, bubbling
Monterey Jack cheese, and our Cajun chef Floyd's
secret sauce. Floyd says he had to wrestle an
alligator to get the recipe.

Add Fresh Guacamole




Mesquite wood fired, lime-soy glazed, fresh
salmon fillet, over field greens with a citrus
vinaigrette. Jose recommends,"try the salmon


The traditional Caesar salad
with a Cajun twist! We top
our Caesar with saut�ed gulf
shrimp and Louisiana crawfish.


The traditional Caesar Salad.
Crisp Romaine tossed with
Caesar dressing, croutons, and
Parmesan cheese.

With Grilled Chicken


With Blackened Chicken



Fresh salmon fillet seared with traditional Cajun
spices. Served over our classic Caesar salad.


Marinated chicken or beef, mesquite grilled and
placed on top of crisp lettuce with vine ripened
tomatoes, shredded cheese and saut�ed onions.


Mesquite grilled chicken tossed with iceberg
lettuce, red onion, a corn and black bean relish,
fresh red peppers, Monterey Jack cheese, diced
avocado, crispy tortilla strips, and our kickin'
Chipotle lime sauce.


We toss our greens with crumbled bleu cheese,
mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, and red
peppers, then top it off with mesquite grilled
steak. A Texas taste combination.


Fresh lettuce mix with tomato wedges, smoky bacon,
and two cheeses.


Our special chicken or pulled
beef with black beans, cheeses,
lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole,
red onions, mushrooms, and
peppers piled into a crispy
tortilla shell.



Spicy Cajun style andouille sausage and chicken rice.
Large enough for two.


Crispy shoestring fries.
Four crispy, tender, and lightly sweet plantains
served with our Chipotle lime dipping sauce.


Saut�ed with Jose's special seasoning.

Corn Bread (2)


Sour Cream


Pico de Gallo


Sliced Avocado


Black Beans


White Rice


Jose's Rice




Flour Tortillas (4)


Vegetarian Appetizers


Lightly grilled fresh vegetables
medley in a steaming cheese


Our own guacamole made from
scratch with whole avocados,
tomato, onion, cilantro, and
seasoned as in Old Mexico.

Vegetarian Salads


We fill a crisp, flour tortilla shell with lettuce,
black beans, cheeses, and vine-ripened tomatoes.
Garnished with mushrooms, peppers, red onions
and guacamole. A meal in itself.


The traditional Caesar Salad. Crisp romaine
lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing, croutons and
Parmesan cheese.

Vegetarian Entrees


A medley of fresh vegetables tossed with
seasonings, saut�ed and served with black beans
and white rice.


Four flaky handmade pastries
stuffed with seasoned corn, black
beans, peppers, fresh cilantro,
and Monterey Jack cheese. Served
with roasted red pepper sauce, black
beans, and white rice.


A large, fresh flour tortilla stuffed with plenty
of black beans and cheese, all baked in our
homemade Ranchero sauce. Served with black
beans and white rice.


Corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and green
chilis, covered with our homemade ranchero
sauce and baked until piping hot. Served with
black beans and white rice.


Straight from Jose's garden! A medley of fresh
vegetables and rice, lightly tossed in our spicy
Ranchero sauce. A vegetarian's delight.


Delicately fried eggplant topped with a blend of
bubbling cheeses and cajun spices.

We offer more than just a job - we can offer you a career.

Our compensation packages are at the top of the restaurant industry:

  • Bonus program for managers based on restaurant profit. This confirms our commitment to sharing our company's success with management each month.
  • Top-notch health, vision, and dental insurance plans.
  • Earn up to three weeks of paid vacation.
  • Managing partner opportunities, offering higher compensation and the rewards of ownership.
  • Our Management Training Program is the key to all future growth. All managers-in-training gain a thorough knowledge of our entire front and back-of-house operations.

    All managers-in-training will receive front-of-house training in:
  • Service Procedures
  • Bar Operations
  • Administration Procedures

  • Our back-of-house training provides hands-on experience and understanding of:
  • All Menu Item Preparation
  • All Line Positions

  • Upon completion, managers-in-training are promoted to manager and are assigned a specific area of responsibility by the general manager.

    Your training does not stop here. We are dedicated to our managers and have implemented ongoing development classes for members of our team. Each manager will receive the tools necessary to be successful with our company.

    We look forward to meeting with you.

    Jose Creole. Nobody really knew his real name. But that's what everyone called the unassuming culinary genius who settled outside Lake Charles, Louisiana after leaving his native Mexico in the mid-1930's.

    Like his ancestors, he was a cook. So, on the outskirts of town, in a cafe the size of a banquet table, he cooked.

    And in the heart of the Depression, he thrived. From his tiny kitchen Jose turned out the aromatic delicacies of his native Jalisco. And the people came. He asked them what they liked, what they cooked for themselves. And it wasn't idle curiosity. Next time they visited, he served it to them, enhanced by his own touches.

    In all of America this was the only neighborhood where the tradition of Sunday dinner was happily ignored. Jose was closed on Sunday, but the kitchen was as busy as ever. Sunday was his day to experiment. He blended, he mixed, he crossed Mexican and Cajun, Creole and Soul. He set tables outside by the kitchen door. When a dish was ready for tasting he rang the bell. Neighbors came, Jose watched intently as they ate. He noted every word, every expression, then sent them home to wait for the next bell.

    Such is the legend behind the food you're about to enjoy. There is something like it everywhere. And nothing like it anywhere. It is at one familiar and exotic.

    So relax and enjoy. You're in the company of people who love good times and good food. Everything was fresh in Jose's day. So everything has to be fresh today. Everything has to be perfect. Because we have to be true to your high expectations. And to the memory of a little man in a little kitchen near the border in South Louisiana.